transparent peacock i did for my blog i AM TIRED

heliumrabbit answered to your post “tell me to draw a thing ???”

Avery having a family reunion in Peacock’s hat

I’d have been done with this earlier if I hadn’t gotten a random bout of sleepiness. omo

Thier Twitter convos keep me young (also let’s just appreciate that Pewds called Cry “one of the coolest people” he knows okay cool gbye heart didn’t need you anyways)

i cried
Gonna test out a thing


I’m going to start posting my art here again.

If you don’t wanna see, it’ll be tagged #KCGart

If you follow my art blog, you don’t need to follow this one. I’ll be reblogging those certain pieces to the art blog

If you follow both, please bear with me omg

filia is angry and embarassed oh no
thank you for always considering others before you and thank you for always trying to please us and thank you for loving us so much and thank you for everything that you do and thank you for making my day that much better and thank you for smiling and thank you for saving so many people and thank you for your hard work on the videos and
basically thanks for existing
i fell in love with this brush 2/3
Scoot your hair is so difficult to deal with I’m not used to it’s majesty
i fell in love with this brush 1/3
I don’t draw Marzia enough but that’s probably because I can never capture how pretty she is orz